Information Courtesy of Phoenix Water

Recently, the United States Bureau of Reclamation declared the first-ever Tier 1 Shortage on the Colorado River, beginning in January 2022. This shortage is an outcome of persistent declines in Colorado River flows as a result of long-term drought conditions, over allocation of available river resources, and climate change.

Phoenix is built for drought. The city has developed a robust water resource portfolio over many decades and will continue to take proactive actions to prepare for even deeper shortages on the Colorado River in the years to come. Living in a desert city isn’t always easy, but because of thoughtful and intricate planning, Phoenix will continue to thrive as the fifth largest city in the United States.

“The Bureau of Reclamation’s Tier 1 Shortage declaration does not come as a surprise, as it is reflective of serious drought conditions across the Western United States. The City of Phoenix has been working for the last several decades to diversify water resources, store water for future use, and invest in infrastructure to enhance the city’s resilience to drought,” says Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. “Phoenix has a strong legacy of conservation and wise water use to build upon. It is crucial that we continue to develop these strategies and bolster our city’s response to the effects of a warming climate.”

Phoenix Water will continue to provide safe, clean, and reliable water to its customers without interruptions. However, it is essential that residents and business owners do their part to be water smart and embrace a desert lifestyle by using water wisely.

Residents can read the city’s water resource plan, drought action plan, and tips on how to wisely use water at