By Michelle Talsma Everson

When it comes to insurance of all types, it’s important to make sure that you’re working with a trusted expert who sees the big picture and has the expertise needed to help you choose the right coverage for the right price. Luckily for Northwest Valley residents, experienced insurance agency owner Amber Voigt and the dedicated team at Amber Voigt Insurance Agency are trusted advisors who can help customers protect what matters most.

Voigt is a dedicated agency owner with 18 years of experience representing Allstate. She thrives on education and advising local families and businesses on the financial protection they need to protect the lives they’ve worked hard to build.

“Educating the public—not just our personal clients, but everyone—about insurance and how it works is key to me,” Voigt says. “When we meet with clients, we make sure to listen and understand their needs to guarantee that they sign up for coverage that really protects them.”

Amber Voigt Insurance Agency offers a myriad of insurance options, including:
• Auto Insurance
• Home and Condo Insurance
• Renters’ Insurance
• Motorcycle Insurance
• Business Insurance
• Life Insurance
• ATV and Boat Insurance

While the Amber Voigt Insurance Agency is based in the Northwest Valley, their team can work with all Arizona residents.

“Education is extremely valuable because many people aren’t aware of how their insurance works and what it really protects,” Voigt explains. “We offer a variety of insurance options and work really hard to educate our clients in whatever way works best for them—over the phone, Zoom, or at our local office.”

Proper Protection and Quality Customer Service
With nearly two decades of experience, Voigt is passionate about ensuring that her clients have the proper protection for their homes, businesses, and more.

“It’s a major liability if your protection doesn’t cover all of your assets,” she explains. “In addition to individual clients and their families, we work a lot of business owners as well. As a small business owner myself, I can work with them to learn about their business and priorities, and make sure they have the right coverage they need to financially protect it all.”

Voigt points out that liability protection often doesn’t protect all of assets and even the concept of “full coverage” has its limitations. She adds that her talented team of four insurance experts are all experienced and licensed professionals. Beyond their expertise though, the team at Amber Voigt Insurance Agency focuses on quality customer service.

“With extensive insurance knowledge, I’m able to help see that coverage needs are met for customers,” Voigt says. “I am determined to provide exceptional service and support to customers by providing a professional and knowledgeable staff that can handle your coverage needs and promptly address any questions or concerns that may arise.”

Amber Voigt Insurance Agency’s commitment to customer service means being flexible when meeting with clients and responsive to their needs and questions. With this combination of expertise and quality service, Voigt and her team have a lot of happy, well-protected local clients.

What Clients Are Saying:
• “I made the switch to Amber Voigt two months ago and my only regret is not doing so earlier,” shares Joseph S.. “They are professional, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and they sell you only the coverage you need at a very competitive price. The staff is fantastic as well.”
• “Amazing customer service and extremely knowledgeable agent and team,” adds another client. “Having an agent that can fully explain coverages and what they mean to me and my family is important to me.”
• “I’ve been a fan of Amber for years,” adds a long-time client. “She loves the insurance industry like no other agent I’ve met. She’s a go-to for any insurance questions that come up.”

In addition to getting to know her clients on a professional level, Voigt makes sure that clients get to know and trust her as well. “I grew up in New Jersey, later moved to Colorado, and have now settled in Arizona,” she shares about herself. “Arizona offers warm weather, and I love nothing more than the heat and being outdoors. I have several hobbies, including traveling, photography, reading, fitness, and nutrition. I’m also extremely devoted to my family and my pup.”

Why It Matters
Insurance is often one of those topics someone signs up for and doesn’t think about—unless a tragic day comes that they need it.

This past holiday season, tragedy struck one of Voigt’s clients—and having proper protection made all the difference. “One of our insured clients lost everything in an apartment fire that originated in the unit above her,” Voigt shares. “All eight units in the building were a total loss. Our client was the only one with renter’s insurance. That is seven families that just lost everything. She was quickly placed in a hotel and money was deposited fast to get the things she needs. She left her apartment with her phone and children. That is it. Don’t wait a single second if you don’t have policies in place. You have no idea what today could bring. Protect yourself and have peace of mind.”

Trusted Advisors That Offer Peace of Mind
“Too often, I meet people looking for the cheapest coverage, the best price they can pay each month. While it is so important to save, it is more important to make sure you have the protection and peace of mind you deserve,” Voigt says. “You may pay more now but save yourself a lot of money and a headache or two later if you have the proper protection. That is what it is about for me.”

“I am passionate about what I do,” she continues. “Everyone should be informed on what their needs are and deserve to be presented with the opportunity to make sure they are fully protected. I opened this agency with the hope that I can make a difference and educate as many people as I can on their insurance needs, whether they choose to buy from me or not.”

Amber Voigt Insurance Agency is located at 12211 W. Bell Road, Ste. 203, in Surprise. To learn more, call 602-337-2721, e-mail [email protected], or visit You can also follow Amber Voigt Insurance Agency on Facebook @allstateamber.

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