By Allison Barnett

Market conditions are certainly the leading factor in how quickly a property will sell, however the willingness to accept and act on constructive feedback about your property to get it ready for sale also determines how long your property will be on the market.

There are important steps in getting your property ready for market, which apply whether you decide to hire a real estate professional to market your property or market your property yourself.

Clear out the clutter. For example, if your closets are packed with stuff, get boxes and start prepping for your move early by putting all of the extras in the boxes to make your closets appear as spacious as possible.
Neutralize colors. The fabulous accent wall that fits your style may not fit the prospective buyers’ style. Paint walls neutral colors for prospective buyers to be able to better visualize the property for themselves.

Finish the projects. The stucco that you repaired but haven’t painted yet? Get it done. Touch up paint. Hire a cleaner to give the house a good clean.
Clear out unnecessary furniture to make rooms feel open.

How ready are you to take the steps to present your property best for the market? It is a key factor in how quickly the property will sell. Preparation is key.

While you may be attached to the memories in your house, now is the time to start detaching from the emotions to be able to make the analytical decisions that will help you see the property through someone else’s eyes.
When all other factors are equal, the house that shows the best will generally sell first. Take the time to get your property ready for market rather than rushing to get it on market just because of timing. If you put it on the market before you finish getting it ready, then it may sit on the market longer.

Allison Barnett is a licensed associate broker with My Home Group in both Arizona and California. She is the managing partner of North 32nd, Inc. which is bringing revitalization of the community through strategic partnerships with the City of Phoenix as well as local businesses. |