By Allison Barnett

In 2014, we arrived from the Bay Area in early January to begin our search for a new home. Knowing very little about the nuances of the Phoenix market, we searched from Desert Ridge to Scottsdale for a home. As we pulled off the 51 onto Shea to look at the last few homes, I saw a sign that said Coffee + Food + Wine. I asked our realtor to pull over.

I grabbed my first of many coffees and cookies from 32 Shea. We headed towards the hills to view a property. It was not the property we chose, but we fell in love with the neighborhood as it was quite similar to our neighborhood in Belmont, CA surrounded by amazing open space.

We continued our search and ultimately bought our home in North 32nd in April of 2014. Shortly thereafter, I attended a meeting regarding the project called View 32, which began my involvement in the revitalization of North 32nd.

In the 4 years since I moved to the community, the intersection of 32nd and Shea has completely evolved. When I founded the North 32nd home tour in 2015, I consistently had to explain where North 32nd was situated.

Last year that changed when North 32nd was nominated as one of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix in the Phoenix New Times.

In the last year, Zipps, Press Coffee, Taphouse Kitchen and Gelato Spot have all announced that they would join our community. In addition, Great Hearts Academy and Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics & Dance opened their new spaces just north of Greenway.
Homebuyers are now seeking out North 32nd for the proximity to the best of everything in Phoenix from the access to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve to the ease of commuting on SR-51.

As the momentum of 32nd and Shea is now underway, we will be focusing on the next hub of positive change for the evolution of North 32nd. Cactus, Thunderbird, and Greenway at the intersection of North 32nd present outstanding opportunities for neighbor improved enhancement toward the northern boundary of the community, which is the 101. We are actively seeking new residential and commercial opportunities to support the next phase of growth.

View 32 is anticipated to open in the Fall of 2018. 32 North, a single-family development, is starting their final phase soon. The new Artisan Homes project on Cheryl is starting construction now.
Life Storage and the Young Mind Center right near the off-ramp of 32nd Street on SR-51 will also open this fall.

Looking ahead to the fall, we will continue to see new residents join our community both through renting and purchasing homes. Many people continue to come back to the community after time away. North 32nd’s educational anchors, such as PVCC, will continue to have an active role in directing the growth of our community. North 32nd will continue to be the place to be.

Allison Barnett is a licensed associate broker with My Home Group in both Arizona and California. She is the managing partner of North 32nd, Inc. which is bringing revitalization of the community thru strategic partnerships with the City of Phoenix as well as local businesses. |