Scottsdale Combats Child Drowning with Free Swim Lessons for Drowning Impact Awareness Month
The city gears up for Drowning Impact Awareness Month (DIAM) this month by providing a significant initiative focused on drowning prevention. Scottsdale, dedicated to fostering safety around water, is set to offer free learn-to-swim lessons for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Founded in 2004 in partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, DIAM marks a significant water safety effort in Arizona, where June, July, and August have proven to be peak times for child drownings. The distractions of the back-to-school season make August a high-risk month for such tragedies.

In a strategic move to mitigate this risk, Scottsdale has secured a grant from USA Swimming, enabling them to offer free swimming lessons throughout August. The initiative spans from ‘sea babies’ sessions for infants aged 6 months to 3 years to adult swim and stroke refinement classes for those aged 18 and above.

Scottsdale is taking a strong stand against preventable drownings. It’s never too early or too late to prioritize water safety. Residents and non-residents alike are encouraged to take advantage of this life-saving opportunity. Registration is open. Interested parties can visit to check out class times and locations.
Scottsdale Mayor’s Constitution Day Contest Ignites Students’ Civic Engagement and Creativity
Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega has called on local students to participate in the We the People Constitution Day Contest. The annual competition encourages students to express their understanding and appreciation of the United States Constitution, a cornerstone document signed on September 17, 1787, that safeguards individual freedoms and upholds justice.

In a letter to Scottsdale students, Mayor Ortega says, “The We the People Constitution Day Contest promotes civic engagement, community reflection, and understanding of the principles that guide our participation in this representative form of government.”

Students can partake in the contest in various ways, including writing essays, creating art, composing original songs, or crafting educational podcasts. For entries other than essays, a written explanation should be included to elucidate or market the project.

The competition is divided into three grade-based categories, each with unique themes. The themes relate to understanding constitutional amendments and how they influence our democratic republic. Participants are required to express their thoughts on the specified topics, with essay word counts varying by grade level.

Mayor Ortega, in collaboration with the American Association of University Women-Arizona, will select finalists, with prizes awarded to the top three entries in each category.

Contest rules stipulate that all submissions must be the students’ original work and each student is limited to one entry per category. Participants are required to live in Scottsdale or attend a Scottsdale school. All entries must be received by 5 p.m., Wednesday, Sept 16, and will become the property of the city of Scottsdale.
The contest aims to instill a deeper understanding of the Constitution’s significance and empower the youth of Scottsdale with a sense of civic responsibility. For more information, visit
Leo Witkowski Takes Helm at American Legion Post 34

Leo Witkowski, a dedicated member of the American Legion Post 34, has been elected as its new commander for the 2023-24 term.

In his acceptance speech, Witkowski expressed his enthusiasm and shared his forward-thinking agenda. “I am eagerly looking forward to serving Post 34 in this new capacity. We have numerous goals set for our legion, and I’m prepared to tackle them,” he says.

Witkowski’s vision for the future includes increasing member engagement through volunteering, fostering camaraderie in various social activities, and appealing to a younger demographic of veterans. He also prioritizes maintaining a high retention rate among current members. A key initiative for the newly elected commander is the introduction of ambassadors whose role will be to provide a warm, hospitable environment for members and guests at every visit to Post 34.

Post 34, situated at 6272 E. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, is part of the broader American Legion network.

The American Legion, established in 1919, is a 501 (c)(19) organization committed to advocating for veterans, active military personnel, and their families. The organization ardently supports a wide range of initiatives and programs aimed at fostering patriotism and responsible citizenship. It stands as a non-secular, non-political entity.