Photo courtesy of Press Coffee

In a move that’s perking up the Scottsdale community, Sprouts Farmers Market Inc. and Press Coffee, both Phoenix-based enterprises, have announced an exciting expansion of their collaborative venture. This development follows the success of their pilot coffee shop within a Sprouts store in Phoenix.

The buzz began at the corner of Osborn and Seventh Avenue in Phoenix, where the initial Sprouts-Press joint venture demonstrated the potential of this unique partnership. Encouraged by the positive response, the duo is now set to bring this innovative concept to Scottsdale, renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and discerning coffee aficionados.
In November, the first of these new Press Coffee locations opened its doors at the Sprouts store on 8787 N. Scottsdale Rd. This launch is just the beginning of a series of openings planned over the next four months. In December, coffee lovers can anticipate two more Press outlets within Sprouts stores at 23269 N. Scottsdale Rd. and at 9301 E. Shea Blvd. The expansion will culminate in February, with Press commencing operations at the Sprouts store located at 4402 N. Miller Rd.

This strategic expansion not only signifies a growing trend of multi-purpose shopping experiences but also highlights the synergy between local businesses in enhancing community offerings. For Scottsdale residents, the convenience of sipping a premium Press coffee while shopping for fresh produce at Sprouts adds a delightful twist to their routine errands.