By Jan Horne, public information
officer for the City of Scottsdale

Arizona’s unemployment rate hovers around 7.5 percent – a staggering increase compared to about 4.5 percent this same time last year. Plus, more than 200,000 Arizonans are collecting unemployment benefits. This too jumped significantly from the same time last year. Clearly, the city’s Career Center is more important than ever.

The center assists job seekers navigating the evolving and competitive job market with the latest job seeking techniques and strategies. It offers a variety of services including coaching, skill building, resume writing, job searching and interviewing skills. It assists about 200 people a year, but it has seen a recent climb affecting employment due to the effects of COVID-19.

Here to assist is an exceptionally valuable volunteer group, known as the “Core Four,” to help those secure employment. They are: Tony Coates, Jill Kanalos, Roger Lurie and David Murphy.
This dynamic quartet of volunteers began serving Scottsdale as career coaches after retiring from their respective professions about three years ago. They assist job seekers in need of support, coaching, encouragement and guidance on their career paths by providing the latest job search techniques and tools for landing employment.

As COVID-19 stopped regular operations, the group’s support and dedication did not. These four stayed available, engaged and ready to assist whenever and wherever possible. Since the start of the pandemic, they have volunteered over 300 hours. Thanks to their work, the city recently recognized their important service by awarding them with the William P. Schrader Volunteer Impact Award.

Learn more about the Core Four:
Tony Coates: Tony had a successful career in IT management with a multi-national pharmaceutical company. In his primary role, he delivers career guidance for job seekers and individuals seeking a career change. He also chairs the computer technology training program for Scottsdale’s library patrons.

Jill Kanalos: Jill had an accomplished career in IT management with state government. She provides coaching and guidance to job seekers as they navigate their career path. Jill also manages the Career Center operations and back office tasks.

Roger Lurie: Roger comes from a successful career in IT management in higher learning. In addition, Roger co-facilitates the LinkedIn and Business Networking workshops for job seekers and business professionals.

David Murphy: David has an accomplished career as an engineer and director with a large utility company. In addition to coaching, David serves as an interview techniques instructor.

To learn more about the city’s Career Center and their monthly events and services, visit or call 480-312-0060.