Creating a new company is a risky business. The odds of success are toughest in the first two years. Two Scottsdale entrepreneurs are beating those odds and launched their pharmaceutical-grade skincare product line in March. That’s right. Sharon Skaar and Erin Dodd co-founded TreCeuticals in fall of 2019 and officially launched their products in March 2020 when businesses nationwide were shuttering their doors in the height of the pandemic.

“We knew we had a unique product line,” says Skaar, whose previous career as a senior vice president in banking prepared her well for entrepreneurship. With Dodd’s background in luxury brand sales and executive coaching, the two have combined expertise at their fingertips that would make any start-up owner envious.

And, their gamble already is paying off. National reports show a 147 percent year-over-year increase in the purchase of skincare product since 2019, and TreCeuticals is garnering its share. Their first official warehouse was Skaar’s garage. Today their products are being shipped nationwide from an independent distribution center in Phoenix.
TreCeuticals also sets high standards for competitors to match:
• All products are 100 percent sourced in the United States
• Formulation, manufacturing and packaging are also all U.S. based
• All products are cruelty-free, vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified
• Products are gender-neutral and suitable for all ages
• Products contain the most effective levels of retinol, hydroxyl acids, and antioxidants without a prescription
• TreCeuticals delivers its medical-grade skincare line directly to consumers’ doors
• All natural ingredients including high-grade, full spectrum CBD oil (with non-detectable levels of TCH) that “provides a calming and soothing effect to the skin”
• TreCeuticals is patent pending

To create their skincare line, Dodd and Skaar turned to scientific research and medical consultants. They saw a need for a simple-to-use but effective skincare line that did not require a visit to a doctor’s office or med spa.

“Even though more doctors are carrying our products, the majority of our customers are happy having TreCeuticals delivered to their homes,” Skaar says.
They worked with Dr. Paul Holden, a Scottsdale-based, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, to develop a basic 3-minute skin care regimen featuring a daily cleanser, facial pads and moisturizer. In addition, there is a once-a-week peel and a daily mister to improve and refresh your skin. Dr. Holden touts the skincare line is beneficial in fighting “maskne” – acne and breakouts caused by the prolonged wearing of masks. Holden says using the product called Mist Me Baby, the daily misting spray, can help unclog pores of dirt and bacteria on the face that can lead to blemishes and acne.

While still a relatively new company, positive reviews have been accumulating from pleased customers all over the country.

“It is a game changer. My skin is so much smoother and clearer,” says Shelly Fernandez who works in aesthetic and medical sales and claims to have tried dozens of lines. “TreCeuticals is a clean product with natural ingredients. It smells and feels amazing, and the packaging is beautiful.”

Another aspect of the company of which Dodd and Skaar are most proud is their focus on community and their Brand Advocate program which Dodd heads up. In the fall, TreCeuticals will be partnering with local family charities. Their Brand Advocate program is also meant to help empower women (and men) as a way to earn extra income by simply “sharing” the product with others.

“We tell our brand advocates we’re in the business of sharing, not selling,” says Dodd. “If you love how your skin looks and feels with TreCeuticals, why not share that passion with someone you care about? We all deserve to feel our very best.”