By Valerie Schneider

Scottsdale Water’s Conservation Office is excited to introduce the WaterSmart customer portal as well as announce the launch of the updated 2021/2022 rebate program, which will help customers use water more efficiently and wisely. With prolonged drought conditions, the need to heighten efforts to be good stewards of Arizona’s water supply is even more important. Read on for some exciting ways for residents to achieve this mission.

First, the WaterSmart portal is now available to all Scottsdale Water customers and can be accessed through Scottsdale’s Online Utility Account platform. Customers can view water use data, utilize an online leak assistance tool, get water saving tips, and potentially see hourly usage data. Go to the Online Utility Account and click on the blue WaterSmart button or go to and search “WaterSmart” for more information on how and why to sign up.

Second, residents can consider ways to permanently reduce water use in and around their home or business.
Through smart turf removal, homeowners can transform their yard to an Arizona-friendly landscape. Keep functional grass for pets or play areas and convert the rest to desert-adapted landscape. Single-family residential properties can get up to $5,000 and commercial, HOA common areas or multifamily properties can get up to $20,000. Other removal rebates include removing an in-ground pool/spa and removing a salt-based water softener. All removal rebates require pre-approval.

Whether remodeling a yard or not, Scottsdale offers rebates of up to $250 for the installation of a “smart” WaterSense irrigation controller for residential customers. These controllers self-adjust irrigation times to reflect weather changes. Commercial, HOA common areas and multifamily properties can receive up to $400 per controller. Rebates are also available for WaterSense product installations and include up to $75 per toilet and up to $200 per urinal. Commercial, HOA common areas, and multifamily properties may also receive up to $25 for showerheads and up to $250 per Flushometer-valve toilets.

It is important to read the rebate program description prior to removing warm-season grass or purchasing a WaterSense-labeled product as requirements have changed and stipulations apply. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis until application deadlines or fund depletion. To expedite rebate processing, apply online or obtain a hardcopy application by calling 480-312-5650 or emailing [email protected].

Lastly, find more information on conservation programs by visiting, and search “water.”