By Holly Walter
Public Information Officer

Speeding and red-light cameras work in tandem to improve safety – a fact well-supported in Scottsdale and why the city has deactivated two locations and added four new intersection safety cameras.
Photo enforcement systems on Thomas Road eastbound at Hayden Road and McDowell Road eastbound at Scottsdale Road will be deactivated.

The following four new systems are now activated:
• Scottsdale Road southbound at Pinnacle Peak Road
• Shea Boulevard westbound at 92nd Street
• Frank Lloyd Wright westbound at Greenway-Hayden Loop
• Indian School Road westbound at Hayden Road

Choosing which locations are no longer needed photo enforcement, and selecting new locations was a data-based decision made after city traffic engineers analyzed an aggregate of collision, red light/speeding violations, collision severity and traffic volume data.

“The technology helps us enforce traffic laws and allows us to maximize the deployment of our patrol officers throughout the city,” said Alex Ristuccia, Scottsdale Police Program Manager of Photo Enforcement.

Scottsdale has used photo enforcement systems since 1996. A 2017 study by Lee Engineering, an independent firm specializing in research and forensic traffic engineering, showed that overall crashes decreased by 23 to 24 percent, and crashes related specifically to red-light running decreased 33 to 35 percent at the city’s existing intersections with red-light and speeding photo enforcement

The study added to a growing body of research conducted both in the Valley and nationwide that demonstrates the effectiveness of photo enforcement for reducing traffic violations and crashes.

“If you reduce the problem of speeding, you automatically reduce the problem of people violating red lights because they can stop,” said Scottsdale Transportation Director Paul Basha.

Scottsdale’s fixed intersection safety cameras operate 24/7 and capture both red-light violators and those exceeding the speed limit by 11 miles-per-hour or more. For the first 30 days of operation, warnings will be issued to drivers who speed through or run red-lights at the new locations. The fixed intersection safety cameras will work in conjunction with the mobile vans and portable photo enforcement towers, which rotate around the city based on citizen complaints and speed data.

All violations and citations are reviewed and approved by police employees.