For the eleventh year in a row Scottsdale Water participated in the APS Peak Solutions energy savings program, earning a check worth $121,030. Since the program’s inception in 2009, Scottsdale Water has received $1,235,685 for its energy saving efforts.

Each year Scottsdale Water voluntarily reduces power during peak energy times in order to help reduce the energy load to APS and its customers. To meet electricity load reductions, Scottsdale Water must rely on reserve water and alternative energy sources while minimizing building cooling systems – a feat challenged by the coinciding peak period for water customer demand.

“This accomplishment is not an easy task,” says Scottsdale Water Executive Director Brian Biesemeyer. “But through careful planning and serious operational controls, we have been able to achieve success year after year. We view this challenge as an important role in being good stewards in energy reduction and saving rate-payer dollars.”

Scottsdale Water has not only produced the largest energy load reduction within the APS Peak Solutions for Business but has also been the largest municipal savings contributor within the program. This collaboration allows APS to stabilize its power distribution system in times of high demand and assist other power providers including SRP and California energy companies.

These operational adjustments are only sustainable for a few hours a day, a few days a year, and require extensive planning, coordination and resiliency by Scottsdale Water staff. Their often-unheralded efforts not only epitomize Scottsdale Water’s commitment to environmental and financial stewardship but are a large part of the reason APS has been able to meet the needs of all their customers throughout the extreme heat of Arizona’s summer, according to the city.
The funds from this mutually beneficial partnership with APS allow Scottsdale Water to provide further quality control measures and execute infrastructure system updates, ultimately leading to reduced costs for Scottsdale customers.