Dillon’s Bayou at Pleasant Harbor, located at 40202 N 87th Ave., Peoria, is reopening its doors for their annual series of free monthly meetings focused on boating and water safety. These enlightening gatherings are a partnership between key safety organizations like the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, Arizona Game & Fish, Peoria Fire, the Desert Eagles US Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the local community.

These insightful meetings occur on the second Saturday of each month, each with a unique discussion theme. Various aspects of boating and water safety are explored every month, reinforcing participants’ understanding and awareness about safe boating practices. The upcoming session, scheduled for Saturday, June 10, is expected to further broaden attendees’ perspectives on maritime safety.

However, these meetings are more than just informative get-togethers. They foster a sense of community and mutual understanding among enthusiasts of water-based activities. When attendees mention their purpose at the entrance, the usual gate fee is kindly waived as a sign of Dillon’s Bayou’s appreciation for their commitment to safety.

Moreover, each attendee is rewarded with a complimentary breakfast burrito as a token of gratitude for their participation. This gesture not only treats attendees to a delicious breakfast but also encourages a sense of care and community spirit among them.

As the lake season begins, safety remains paramount. Attending these meetings is a proactive step in bolstering community knowledge about safety regulations and precautions. When this knowledge is shared and practiced, it helps create a safer environment for everyone.

So, as calendars get marked for these valuable sessions at Dillon’s Bayou, it’s important to remember the ripple effect of every individual’s actions on the water. When community members care for and look out for each other, they’re not just improving their own experiences but also contributing to a safer, more aware, and close-knit community.

For more information, call 928-501-2227.