By Shay Moser

Curt Morgan is not your average auto repair shop owner, nor are the people who work for him.

“We’re not only fixing cars,” Morgan says, “we’re building relationships.”

Shadow Mountain Auto Service, south of Shea Boulevard on 32nd Street in Phoenix, is the sort of place where the staff gets to know their customers along with their cars. It’s also where a minor repair might be performed for free, and more complex issues will be patiently, even exhaustively, investigated. Car owners tend to linger inside the lobby catching up about life with the shop manager/service writers who make customers’ experience the best possible.

Morgan and the advisors employ a kind of relationship therapy, learning about their customers to help them plan and budget in a way that will save them money. They explain the problem in plain terms and point out the affected parts. They look at customers’ cars’ long-term health, document the good and bad conditions in photos, and provide options for their needs and budgets.
“We never talk down to our customers,” says Morgan. “We avoid overly technical language, and most importantly, we actively listen to the questions and concerns of our customers. We understand that every situation is different and take steps to ensure the solution is tailor-made for each customer and their vehicle. This approach has always been at the core of our business practice, and it always will be.

The same approach is taken with Morgan’s team.

“Our company is all about people, inside and out,” continues Morgan, who knows not only his team’s auto experience but also their families and hobbies. “As technically challenging as the automotive repair business is and what we do, it’s not always brain surgery. I don’t hire a skillset; I hire people.”

Passion Fuels Auto Repair Profession
Morgan fueled his passion for repairing cars and the people behind the wheel as a mechanic at national chains in the Valley for 30 years before opening Shadow Mountain Auto Service with his wife and co-owner, Cindy. That passion led him to become a double master ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanic with advanced-level certifications in automotive and diesel applications.

“I was passionate about it, even working for others,” says Morgan. “There were so many people in the business that I looked up to and admired and thought the world of because of their honesty and character.”

Morgan brought his passion for car repair to teaching classes in Glendale Community College’s Auto Technology Department for 15 years. He’s currently chairman of GCC’s National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation advisory committee.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2008, he was invited to join its Automotive Repair Advisory Council in 2012. He was elected as chairman of BBB’s council from 2015 to 2017.

Morgan also shares his auto expertise during the Bumper to Bumper Radio show on KTAR, 92.3 FM in Phoenix, every Saturday from 11 a.m. to noon.

“What do you want to do when you’re passionate about work? Morgan asks. “You want control over how you do it and the final product.”

Opening Doors to Full-Service Facility
That passion prompted Morgan to open Shadow Mountain Auto Service in 2008 with the motto, “Where character counts.”

As a full-service, preventive maintenance and auto repair facility, it services and repairs all imported and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs. It has the staff, skills, training, and equipment necessary to perform most required maintenance on cars and trucks, whether new and still under warranty or older vehicles.

Customers can bring their vehicles in for heavy-duty services, including engine and transmission replacement, to heating and cooling, electronic, electrical, minor engine, and fuel-economy services. Miscellaneous services are also offered, such as after-hours drop-off, emission repairs, and pre-purchase and pre-trip inspections.

The shop gives customers a five-year, or 50,000-mile, warranty on almost every service, which is way above the industry norm.

“While we are not the cheapest place in town, we are far from the most expensive,” says Morgan. “We strongly believe that saving money on auto repair is more about the honesty of the institution working for you than using cheap parts or the lowest paid people doing the work.”

Case in point: A customer left an online review about how they needed the plastic piece in the undercarriage of their car replaced. The part was mainly unnecessary in Arizona’s dry climate, per Shadow Mountain Auto Service. So, the customer told them to cut it out, and the shop did free of charge. That customer ended their review with, “Appreciated the honesty. Trusting them for any car repairs I need in the future.”

Genuine, professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, timely, great service, and fair prices are other words used in online reviews for Shadow Mountain Auto Service. It’s also the sort of place where most of its business comes from referrals.

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