By Michelle Talsma Everson

When you speak with Curt and Cindy Morgan, the owners of Shadow Mountain Auto Service, it’s obvious that the people they serve are more important than anything else. “We take care of people first; they are who we build relationships with,” Cindy says. “Fixing cars is why we’re in business, but people are what really matter.”

Located at 10410 N. 32nd Street, Shadow Mountain Auto Service is a full-service, preventive maintenance and auto repair facility that has been a part of the North 32nd community since 2008. At the shop, they service and repair all kinds of imported and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs.

“We have the staff, skills, training, and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to perform all required maintenance on cars and trucks—whether it’s new and still under warranty or an older vehicle that you’ve had for some time,” says Curt.

The shop’s list of available services is long; everything from general maintenance to an engine replacement is fair game. “We don’t nickel and dime people,” Curt says. “We offer competitive prices and use top quality parts. We also offer a five year, 50-thousand-mile warranty on almost every job we do. This helps give our customers peace of mind—which really matters to us. We do everything the best way we know how—because to us, there’s no other way to do it.”

Character Counts and Stand-Out Customer Service
Curt started Shadow Mountain Auto Service with the motto that “Character counts.” “My goal is to have the most ethical, customer-oriented automotive repair facility in the Valley,” he adds. “While there are many things I can be proud with when it comes to our business success, my main point of pride is in the relationships we’ve built through this business.”

Some of the values that Curt and Cindy emphasize include:
• Honest and ethical employees. “Our technicians and service managers are the most honest and ethical people we can find,” Curt says. “Their goal is to build trusting, long-term relationships with our neighbors so that they get higher-quality parts, more truthful answers, and more value than any other place you can take your vehicle.”
• People skills. “All of our team members have exceptional people skills,” Cindy explains. “That doesn’t mean they are smooth sale types. They care about our customers and seek to be their advocates in finding the best solutions to their auto repair problems.”
• Understandable language. “We talk in easy-to-understand language,” Curt says. “Not a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. If you don’t understand what we are saying, how can you make the best decision for your car’s needs?”
With these values instilled in their staff, first-time customers often become regulars. “I love Shadow Mountain Auto. I’ve been using them for years. They are so trustworthy, informative, and always answer the 100 questions I ask with a gracious attitude,” says Sara, a local customer. “It’s so difficult to find an auto shop with this level of integrity and genuine care for their customers. I’m extra grateful because as a single woman this has not always been my experience elsewhere.”

When it comes to being as accommodating as possible for their customers, the shop excels. Some perks that customers are offered include:
• After hours drop off.
• Emission repair.
• Free local shuttle service with repairs by appointment.
• Pre-purchase inspections.
• Pre-trip inspection.
• Most extended warranties are accepted.

A small, locally-owned business, Shadow Mountain Auto Service has a total of eight employees—including Curt and Cindy. “You always put the person first—whether they’re your customer or employee,” Cindy says.

“We know that technically you’re not supposed to be close to your employees, but we don’t work that way,” Curt adds. “We are very close to our employees—they are like family to us. We make decisions for our business based on what’s best for our people—not always necessarily our wallets. We teach our employees that too: make people-based decisions and be motivated to do what’s right by them, because at the end of the day, they are what matter.”

Community Connections and Experience That Matters
A staple of the community for 13 years, Shadow Mountain Auto Service is a popular, go-to auto repair shop in the Sheaborhood.

“When we were looking for a place to set up shop, we knew that we had to go with this neighborhood,” Cindy shares. “I grew up in the area and graduated from Paradise Valley High School, so it just felt right.”

Both Curt and Cindy share that they are grateful for their customers’ and neighbors’ support. “The North 32nd area has been wonderful,” Cindy says. To give back, the shop has supported multiple area nonprofits and organizations over the years.
As local business owners, they note the many benefits that come with utilizing locally owned shops. “An independent, locally owned business offers a completely different environment than a chain,” Curt says.

“By working with us or any other locally owned business, you know who you’re working with and that they truly care,” Cindy adds.

And, for those concerned about experience, have no fear, as Curt has over 40 years of extensive experience in the auto industry. He’s been a member of multiple professional boards, taught classes, and you may have even heard him on the radio on KTAR or KFNX. Cindy, who began working at the shop full time in 2011, has extensive experience in management, advertising, and marketing.

“We are not in some corporate headquarters far away; we are here in Phoenix, every day,” says Curt. “We take responsibility for everything that happens at our business and we are as easy to contact so feel free to stop by or give us a call. Our community is everything to us.”

Learn more about Shadow Mountain Auto Service by visiting or calling 602-482-7100. You can also follow them on Facebook @ShadowMountainAuto.

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