By Emma Wolff

City government is the backbone to any thriving community and having dedicated citizens share thoughts, concerns and feedback is invaluable. The city of Peoria is looking for residents of all ages to join the city boards and contribute their insight.

Community members can submit an application for any of the 18 Peoria Boards and Commissions, even if there aren’t openings currently. However, the Veteran’s Memorial Board and the Youth Advisory Board are actively seeking members to fill vacant positions.

“Peoria residents who wish to take an active role in their community are invited to serve on a Board or Commission,” according to the city. “Boards and Commissions are public bodies that advise the City Council on various matters. Serving as a board member is a great way to foster citizen involvement and add input to city government.”

The city of Peoria is responsible for parks and recreation services, police and fire departments, emergency medical services, municipal courts, transportation and public works. If you want to share your thoughts and add to the success of these departments, serving on a City Board or Commission is a great way to get involved.

The Veterans Memorial Board is seeking individuals with a passion for the Armed forces or past military experience to help honor and contribute to the veteran community. The Youth Advisory board is an opportunity for students interested in government to get a hands-on experience working with the city.
Apply for the Veteran’s
Memorial Board
The Veteran’s Memorial Board is responsible for the development and promotion of activities related to the recognition of Armed Forces veterans and their contributions to the community. This board is also responsible for making recommendations about the creation and preservation of the city’s numerous war and service memorials.

The board typically meets on the first Thursday of the month at 5 p.m. The term for this board seat is four years once acquired. To apply for this position, visit You can also call or email the City Clerk’s office for an application at 623-773-7340 or [email protected].

Applicants must be a registered voter in the state of Arizona. Peoria residency is also a requirement for most City Boards and Commissions.
Apply for the Youth Advisory Board Today
The Youth Advisory Board provides 7-11 graders an opportunity to be involved with their city government. This is a great experience for students who are involved with their student council or have an interest in government work. Members of this board serve on various subcommittees, ranging from fundraising and community service to social media and planning the annual Youth Government Day.

Youth Advisory Board members serve two-year terms and those who have served on the board for at least six months are eligible to apply to be a Youth Council Liaison. The Youth Council Liaison will join the
Mayor and the City Council at all meetings. Visit or contact the City Clerk’s office to receive an application.