Q. Is window and door replacement a good investment?
A. Heat, dust, and an outdated look are the three most consistent reasons why homeowners replace their windows. It’s funny – almost without exception, we go into homes that have sunscreens, drapes, blinds, shades or shutters installed as heat prevention measures. I get it, the windows heat up your home too much! Not only is window and door replacement a good investment, it’s the most important home improvement you can do! The technology available in non-conductive frames and Low-E glass can cut over 90 percent of that heat coming in. Your cave dwelling days are over!

Not only will you save on your cooling costs, new windows and doors will extend the life of your air conditioner as it certainly won’t have to work as hard. New home builders usually leaned towards really cheap solutions when it came to windows and doors, and you’ve no doubt felt the lack of efficiency.

There is also the whole other side to new windows – the aesthetic appeal. We’ve had many homeowners that said we’ve “remodeled their home with new windows and doors.” Many homes we see have resort-style backyards or amazing Arizona territorial views. We can help enhance those stunning views with better window and door styles, changing frame colors, and even enlarging openings.

Q. How do I know which frame material is best for my home?
A. Most windows that were installed in new homes over the last 40 years in Arizona have aluminum frames. Aluminum, as a material, is a conductor which means it actually helps heat flow into your home. The first step to eliminating the heat from your windows is getting rid of the aluminum.

With that in mind, there are three basic non-conductive frame materials for you to choose from; vinyl, vinyl/wood fiber composite or fiberglass. Both vinyl and vinyl/wood fiber composite are thermoplastics. Thermoplastics have the property of softening when heated. This is hyper-intensified with high sun exposure and glass pressure weight usually associated with larger windows. It’s not a matter of if, but when plastic-based frames will eventually sag, warp, and discolor. Fiberglass is a thermoset. When it is heated or cured, it permanently becomes hard and rigid. Fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl and 3.5x stronger than vinyl/wood fiber composites. It’s really simple…fiberglass is engineered to take heat much better than plastic.

Q. What can I expect to happen during the window and door replacement process?
A. The initial consultation is very similar to going to a doctor’s appointment. We’ll ask you some questions on the symptoms that your home is having. We will then examine your current windows and determine if they need to be replaced. We then will give you recommendations on window styles, frame color, glass options, and the scope of your project. Some folks choose to tackle their worst windows first and do the project in stages.

We then will have one of our Lead Installers come out and re-measure for accuracy to within 1/8 of an inch. Your windows will then be ordered and be delivered to us typically within 30 days. Next, the installation will be scheduled, and our in-house crews will arrive for installation day. We typically are able to install about five windows per day and most projects take less than three days.

The second our installation trucks pull away from your home, you will already be amazed at the visual change to your home. Listen closely – aluminum frames also conduct noise. Your home will be much quieter, especially that air conditioner rumbling continually or that irritating road noise from nearby busy streets. In June, July, and August when the heat is pounding on your home day after day, your window coverings will be up, and you will still be enjoying the magnificent views of Arizona!