Photos Courtesy of the City of Scottsdale

With COVID-19 infection and hospitalizations on the rise, Scottsdale Mayor David D. Ortega has made the difficult decision to delay his State of Scottsdale address, according to the city.

The original event was planned for January 18. In its place, Mayor Ortega will release a State of Scottsdale video this month.

“Scottsdale has many reasons to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our community,” says Mayor Ortega. “While we won’t do that together in-person as I would have liked, I look forward to sharing those stories and talking about the challenges and choices that lie ahead.”

As of press time, more details on the State of the City address were not available.

Kelly Corsette, Communications and Public Affairs Director for the City of Scottsdale, shares that Scottsdale residents can find details online by visiting and searching ‘State of the City.’