By Lauren Strait

Supporting local businesses this holiday season not only means shopping at your local gift shops and eating at your local restaurants, it also means calling upon local businesses for your service needs as well. Desert Foothills AC, a second generation owned and operated business in the heart of Cave Creek has been successfully servicing air conditioners and heating systems in our community for nearly 20 years.

While air conditioners may not be top of mind as we enter the winter season here in Arizona, one of the best ways to ensure a healthy air and heating system in your home is to continue to replace your filters. Don’t wait for an HVAC disaster when you can take small steps to ensure your systems continue to run properly to avoid breakdowns as the weather heats up again in the late Spring.

“Fall checkups are important for your air conditioner or furnace,” said Jon Babcock, co-owner at Desert Foothills AC. “It’s the perfect time of year to schedule a checkup and avoid a major repair during the 100-degree summer months.”

Desert Foothills is offering a $39 special to community members who mention this story through the end of December. Having your HVAC system professionally inspected in the fall or winter offers insight to the health of your system and helps prepare for things you may need to avoid a system failure in the summer. Targeted inspections during fall or winter mean greater peace of mind and a more comfortable home. Contact them today to schedule a visit.