By Dr. Jesika DiCampli at Health for Life Naturopathic Medicine

As it heats up in the Valley of the Sun, make sure you and your family are prepared with the following health tips ideal for summertime.


As your body sweats, you need electrolytes to replenish the minerals that are lost. In the desert heat you don’t even feel like you are sweating due to the rapid evaporation and dry conditions. But, don’t let this fool you! You still require electrolyte replacement.

Drinking “plain” water or reverse osmosis water is not going to cut it in the arid summer weather in Phoenix. Electrolytes impact how muscles function and they regulate all of the cellular processes throughout the body. Hydrating with electrolyte minerals is the only way to go.

Insect Protection

Mosquitos are back! It is so important with the surge in mosquito borne illnesses to protect you and your loved ones from getting bites from these pesky critters.

My recommendation is to avoid the toxic chemical repellants and swap out DEET for natural alternatives. If DEET must be worn, spray on clothing only and avoid direct contact with the skin. While it is best to avoid bites all together, if you do get a bite, make sure you are treating the bites with a high grade topical. This will keep the itching, secondary infection, and skin trauma to a minimum.


There are some great sunscreens out there that are safe for the entire family. You will want to choose mineral-based sunscreens. These types of natural sunscreens are different because they contain the active ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Mineral based sunscreen provides sun protection from the harmful rays without damaging our coral reefs. It is estimated that 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in oceans around the world each year. Also, it is best to use an organic product that is free from parabens and phthalate chemicals (oxy/avo benzone, octinoxate) that can cause long-term health implications and lead to skin irritation. Look on the environmental working group ( to see how your sunscreen stacks up.