The city of Tempe is embarking on several ambitious projects that marry the goals of increasing affordable housing with preserving the city’s rich heritage. These new developments, including the Apache Central Center and Hayden Flour Mill, reflect Tempe’s commitment to welcoming new residents while maintaining its cultural legacy.

Apache Central Center: The city is in talks with Community Development Partners (CDP) and Juntos Community Developers to transform the former Food City site on Apache Boulevard into a vibrant mixed-use area. This development is set to include affordable housing and a grocery store, occupying two adjacent parking lots. Mayor Corey Woods expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its potential as a model for other communities.

At least 50% of the 400 housing units at Apache Central Center will be long-term affordable housing. Located at 1338 E. Apache Blvd., the development benefits from its proximity to the light rail, making commuting across the region easier.
CDP CEO Eric Paine and Juntos CEO Ernesto Fonseca emphasize the project’s focus on creating a diverse, sustainable community, honoring the area’s historical significance.

This initiative is part of Tempe’s Hometown for All affordable housing effort, aiming to add 11,000 affordable units by 2040.

The city has invested in making multiple sites along Apache Boulevard ready for development.

Hayden Flour Mill: The Hayden Flour Mill project, a collaboration with Sunbelt Holdings and Venue Projects, seeks to rejuvenate Tempe’s iconic mill while making it more accessible.

The development will include new restaurants and shops, a public park, and an improved trailhead to Hayden Butte. This project, preserving a symbol of Tempe’s past, will be executed under a long-term lease agreement with the city retaining ownership of the land and mill.
Additional Initiatives: Other noteworthy projects include revitalizing Danelle Plaza, expanding affordable housing at La Victoria Commons, and creating housing and entertainment spaces near Hackett House and Tempe Performing Arts Center.

The city continues to work with developers to incorporate affordable housing into their projects and bolster the Hometown for All initiative.

Affordable Housing Landscape: Tempe is committed to offering a mix of affordable, workforce, and market-rate housing. Over 70% of the city’s housing stock is categorized as affordable or workforce housing, aligning with regional standards.

Affordable housing is crucial for those with lower incomes, traditionally costing less than 30% of household income.

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