Photo courtesy of the city of Tempe

Downtown Tempe is gearing up for a smoother ride with the introduction of new parking corrals specifically designed for shared active transportation vehicles (SATVs), such as e-scooters. With geo-fencing capabilities, these corrals will not only offer convenient parking but also ensure clean sidewalks and adherence to ADA accessibility.

To further promote orderly parking, scooter companies may offer incentives for using these corrals or even levy fees on those who bypass them. SATVs have gained traction as a handy option for short commutes, especially when combined with rail or bus services, making the ‘first and last mile’ of a journey seamless.

Tempe has ambitious plans to install 41 of these parking corrals. Stretching from University Drive to Rio Salado Parkway and spanning Farmer to College avenues, these corrals will be stationed approximately every quarter mile, ensuring riders don’t have to deviate far from their destinations.

While SATV licensing mandates companies to systematically position these vehicles every day, there’s no parking onus on riders. This initiative is primarily to guarantee clear pedestrian walkways and retain ADA access.

These parking corrals align with the Tempe City Council’s vision of a 20-minute city, fostering an environment where residents can effortlessly walk, cycle, or use public transport for most non-work-related chores.

If riders stumble upon a scooter blocking their path or creating a safety hazard, they’re urged to report it via the Tempe 311 service or reach out to the respective scooter companies directly.

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