Photos courtesy of Arizona Aloha Festival

The Arizona Aloha Festival is inviting everyone to hang loose and immerse themselves in the Colorful cultures of the South Pacific. This event, marking its 30th anniversary, will bring a splash of island life to Tempe Beach Park, 620 N. Mill Ave., on March 16 and 17, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

The festival is famed for its commitment to the aloha spirit — a blend of warmth, respect, and hospitality. It’s a cultural experience like no other, and it’s free. “We want everyone, regardless of background or income, to enjoy and learn about the rich Pacific Island cultures,” says a spokesperson for the event.

Guests can embark on an island vacation without ever leaving the desert. The festival showcases a rich tapestry of Pacific Islander cultures through dance and music performances that pulse with the heart of the islands. From the graceful storytelling of hula to the vibrant beats of Tahitian drums, performances showcase islander culture.

Enjoy the Island Marketplace, a treasure trove of traditional crafts. Vendors display fresh flower leis, intricately woven baskets, hand-carved necklaces, and the vibrant tapa cloth, each item a piece of Pacific heritage. The marketplace offers a shopping experience that features island lifestyle arts, crafts, clothing, and home decor, with ATMs onsite for convenience.
The flavors of the islands will also come to life at the festival. From the smoky sweetness of kahlua pig to the savory comfort of Spam musubi, the festival’s Taste the Islands section promises a tasty journey through the diverse cuisines of Hawaii and the South Pacific.

For families, the festival is a playground of cultural education and fun. Keiki (children) can engage in free crafts, while adults can learn to strum a ukulele at Aunty Aloha’s Ukulele Corner or join a Kanakapila, a friendly jam session open to all skill levels.

The House of Knowledge or Hale Mana’o will provide interactive learning opportunities like storytelling, cooking demonstrations, and hula lessons. Meanwhile, the Ohana Village introduces visitors to local nonprofits and community resources, showcasing everything from sports clubs to educational groups.

As the festival looks forward to its upcoming schedule, it also introduces the Aloha Activities page, featuring island recipes and activities for families to enjoy at home.

For 30 years, the Arizona Aloha Festival has offered a peek into island culture, education, and family fun. For more information, visit