By Michele Guy, P.E., P.Eng., C.Ht.

The symptoms: The alcohol consumption, the depression, the smoking, the overeating, the disease, the lack of self-esteem—whatever habits we have that disempower us are all signs that are being sent to us from our minds, bodies, and souls to tell us that we are holding onto something that does not serve us. It can be a painful memory, a trauma, or an accident that is underlying our physical pain, our disease, or our self-medication.

The challenge: The challenge is that sometimes we do not know the cause of our emotional or physical pain. Human beings have an amazing capacity to withstand pain and suffering. We may bury negative emotional memories in parts of our psyche in order to protect our mental health. Unless we treat and release these memories they will show up as physical pain, disease, self-medication, anxiety, or worry, in ways that harm our overall health and well being.

The solution: For those of us who are committed to transforming our lives and know that it’s possible to be free of pain, and worry, and shame, and guilt, or whatever is not serving us, then there are many powerful tools which can be used to eliminate the origin of the mental anguish, and free us up to live lives of joy, happiness, peace, and love. Of the many tools, the ones that I have had the most success with are hypnosis, process healing, and meditation.

Hypnosis taps into the power of our subconscious mind to reprogram it to do the things we want it to do. We want to eat healthy foods, we want to meditate instead of worrying, and we want to exercise instead of eating. Process healing accesses that part of our psyche that knows everything about us and has all the answers for us. When we ask our psyche to treat a trauma or painful memory, it knows exactly what to do, and it does it. Meditation is a way to stop the world, to calm our minds, and to connect with God, or Spirit, or the Universal Mind. Meditation can be done alone, in a quiet room with soft music playing or it can be a walk in the desert, a talk with a good friend, or a bike ride with your child.

If we believe that all things are possible, then there are no limits to who we can be in our lives.

Michele Guy Syne is a certified hypnotherapist and instructor. Her hybrid hypnosis is the quickest modality she has found for removing physical and emotional blocks that we may have. Michele offers private sessions in office, online, and via telephone. Contact her at 480-652-6698 to find out about which one of her programs will work best for you.