With four popular locations already in Tucson, The Screamery has just opened a new location at Tatum and Shea (10625 N. Tatum Blvd #145 Phoenix, AZ 85028).

As the first in Arizona to be certified to pasteurize its ice cream, the mission of The Screamery is simple: to bring families, friends, and the community together by serving them the best hand-crafted natural ice cream on the planet. After all, making ice cream is what brings together the family of the Screamery founders Kenny and Linda Sarnoski.

It all started when the Sarnoski’s started a new diet based on only natural, wholesome ingredients, only to find that no ice cream met their new lifestyle’s criteria. They wanted to make ice cream the old-fashioned way, homemade using simple, natural ingredients. Many hours of tweaking ice cream recipes and using the best quality milk and cream finally led to the Screamery’s one-of-a-kind creamy texture and tastebud wowing flavors. They set themselves apart from other artisan ice cream by using only grass-fed dairy. There are only a handful of ice creams made with such premium milk and cream, and they are proud to set this standard of quality.

When Kenny and Linda began sharing ice cream with their friends and family, everyone told them that they had something special that needed to be shared with the world… and five stores later, here we are!