New Phoenix Suns player Jae Crowder embraces his new home team and Scottsdale 

By Lynette Carrington

Photo Credit: Retro6

NBA forward Jae Crowder is large and in charge. After being offered contracts by 14 NBA teams during his recent free agency, the forward chose the Phoenix Suns and is settling in like the true pro that he is. 

So far, he says that things are going as planned. “I’m with a great group of guys and the organization, my coaches and teammates have welcomed me from day one and made me feel that what I bring to the table is needed,” says Crowder, who most recently played for the Miami Heat. “It’s been great, and everything I envisioned it to be behind a lot of work being put in to achieve some goals this season.”

Crowder has played for multiple NBA teams and frequently moved cities as he pursued basketball excellence. He explains, “I embrace every part of my journey. This is my dream job, so I don’t complain about where I play this game because if I wasn’t drafted, I would still play the game of basketball and still find joy within the game.” He views each move as a part of the overall journey and each team as a new chapter in his own story. 

The new Phoenix Suns player moved to Scottsdale in December. “I first loved the Arizona weather, and I hear the summers are extremely hot but this winter has been extremely good to me,” says Crowder.  “I have not gone places due to the NBA being on strict COVID protocol, but when it’s safe for me to explore, I will get out and do just that: explore.” He also sees Scottsdale as the city he would consider making his permanent home. 

His personal goals are admirable and include the entire Phoenix Suns team. “I always want to add to my game, so I try to be better all across the board in every stat of the game, and I want to do my part in bringing the organization back to playoff basketball and playing for it all. It’s been 10 years since that happened and I want to do my part and be accountable daily to help raise the organization where it hasn’t been in a decade.”

In another exciting endeavor, Crowder heads up the Black Bunny accessory line, a business idea that first started with ideas from his cousin and best friend. The vision came to fruition and the cool line now includes hats, glasses, purses, wallets and socks for men and women. Crowder explains, “We have a lot of entertainers wearing the merchandise, so it’s visibility is definitely on the rise and headed in the right direction.” Black Bunny merchandise is available at

Looking toward the future, Crowder also has a clothing line in the works and partially owns logo-customizable footwear company ISlide which he wants to grow. “I have a few things going now that I want to grow, and I have a few ideas I want to get started and work on so that’s what the future holds for me.”