By Cort Monroe, Ed.D., CCUSD Superintendent

As you may have heard, our locally supported bond election did not pass. Despite the results, I want to thank everyone who supported this bond. Many of you worked tirelessly to communicate the facts and you encouraged our community to vote.

First, I want you to know how thankful I am that our Governing Board approved this bond election. This was not an easy decision and was not taken lightly. Living in a state that is ranked 48th in the country for education funding with severe cuts to capital funding over the past eight years, bond elections are inevitable. Our board is not only committed to serving our current students and families, but they are also working to help make CCUSD a proactive organization that is prepared for the future for our students.

Second, even though the bond did not pass, we will do our best to plan and prepare for this future. There are many possible options and, as always, we will do our best to find creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Although this was not the outcome we predicted, we respect the collective vote of our constituents, and we are committed to providing all CCUSD students with an education of the highest quality. Our institution serves as a cornerstone to a strong economy and democracy, and I want to encourage you to continue supporting and sharing the positive news about our exceptional district.