Craft Nights, owned by The Hippie Hobby, is a local Arizona company that caters to bringing craft parties to you. “We realized sometimes people want us to bring the fun to them, so we started small with friends; and have grown into friends referring us to their friends, in a snowball effect, for their private craft parties. Ultimately people wanted to show up to a craft night and have fun. We’ve allowed them to do just that by eliminating the stress of buying all the supplies, teaching the craft and cleaning it all up. We do all of that, and allow the host to be part of their party and engage with their friends,” says Heidi Koffman, co-owner of Craft Nights and The Hippie Hobby.
As the holidays approach, there is no better time to create meaningful memories with friends and family – couple that with a craft night and your guests are sure to remember you! Never thrown a party before? No sweat! The Hippie Hobby will walk you through everything you need to have a successful craft party, and even send you a checklist upon booking.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make holiday parties less stressful for you as a host:

1. Make a list

No matter what kind of holiday party you are hosting, make a list. Plan ahead and start delegating right away. “Being a queen of delegation, I always take a moment with each Craft Night party we are a part of and know what areas I am awesome at performing, and then allow others to participate by assigning simple tasks to them”, says Heidi Koffman. Guests, employees, co-workers – whomever your party is for LOVE to be a part of the process and feel much more involved if they can help. Never be afraid to ask!

2. Prepare the food ahead of time
If you are not catering your party, and have taken the task of cooking and preparing food, start preparing food ahead of time. Soups, stews and potluck meals are well known holiday dishes. They are easy and will feed a crowd. The best part? You don’t have to make them from scratch. You can purchase them ahead of time and warm it all up the day of the party.

3. Hire it out
When it comes to cleaning, hire it out! Book a cleaning company ahead of time, as in now – and allow yourself to focus on being a host, not running around last minute dusting!

To book your holiday craft party, please visit or email us directly at [email protected]