Tom Padilla, just three months post-graduation from physical therapy school, faced a health crisis with swollen joints and limited mobility, leading to a misdiagnosis of arthritis. This misstep on his medical journey led him to discover the true cause: mold toxicity. Recovering from this ordeal, Dr. Padilla founded The Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) in Scottsdale, with a commitment to prevent such misdiagnoses for his clients.

DPT stands out by ensuring that every patient feels heard, fostering collaboration among healthcare providers, and setting meaningful recovery goals. This approach stems from Padilla’s own experiences in a high-volume clinic, where personalized care was scarce.

Proudly, DPT has aided over 1,500 people in six years, debunking the notion that conditions like back pain or sciatica are unchangeable. By focusing on the root cause rather than symptomatic management, the clinic has seen remarkable success in restoring patients’ quality of life, including a notable case where a patient avoided further back surgery through DPT’s targeted care.

Dr. Padilla, a University of Southern California graduate, leverages his platform on YouTube to share exercise tips and professional insights, further emphasizing DPT’s mission to offer a transparent, effective path to recovery without reliance on medication or surgery.

To learn more about The Doctors of Physical Therapy, which is located at 8350 E. Evans Rd., Suite C-2, in Scottsdale, visit