UCP of Central Arizona is inviting the community to visit on January 10, 2019 from 5 to 6PM to showcase their Five-Star Quality First rated Early Learning Center (ELC) and the Laura Dozer Therapy Clinic both located at the Laura Dozer Center at 1802 West Parkside Lane, Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

The Early Learning Center at UCP serves all children ages six weeks to five years old in an inclusive environment with approximately 70 percent of the children in the ELC developing without delays. The things that set the ELC apart are the adult-child ratio and staff knowledge in areas of child development, with screening and tools for assisting all children at all levels of development. The preparation they receive is designed to transition the children to elementary school, with attention to the developmental needs of all children.

“As a UCP therapist for over 20 years, I have personally seen the impact ELC has on all of our children developmentally. Having our therapy clinic steps away from the ELC classroom gives children and their parents ease in knowing their child is not just being cared for during the day, but is getting that individualized attention from staff and therapists who first hand know what a developmental delay looks like- whether it be something minor that can be corrected in speech therapy or something more severe,” said Valerie Pieraccini, Occupational Therapist and Director of Early Intervention Therapy and Early Learning center.

The Laura Dozer Therapy Clinic offers children from infancy to pre-teen years physical, occupational, speech and language therapy. Whether a child is a picky eater, late walker or having difficulty with paying attention, UCP therapists can help a child move from frustration to inspiration.