By Allison J. Barnett

Fall is officially here, which means cooler weather and plenty of fun activities. Read on to learn more about upcoming happenings in North 32nd.

Wellness In The Park
Yoga in the Park is coming back to North 32nd this fall as Wellness in the Park. To kick things off, the offerings will be on Friday evenings at Christy Cove Park starting at 6 p.m.; Saturday mornings starting at 8:30 a.m. at Roadrunner Park; and Sunday mornings starting at 10 a.m. at Christy Cove Park. The classes will feature teachers and practitioners who offer classes that focus on mindfulness and movement, including trauma-informed yoga, Tai Chi, sound healing, and more.

The Wellness in the Park classes are intended to be for all ages (kids too!) and skill levels with a focus of continuing to bring more mindfulness to this vibrant community. The classes are donation-based with a portion of the donations supporting the teacher and a portion being donated to organizations in and around 85028 and 85032 such as Control Alt Delete, The Joy Bus, schools within the Paradise Valley Unified School District, Desert Voices, and more to be determined by the teachers and the community.

Community Garden Events
Last fall, members of the North 32nd community enjoyed the opportunity to adopt a row in a community garden near 22nd Street and Sweetwater in collaboration with Urban Farming Education and Thrive Arizona, an agency that contributes to assisting foster family reunification and foster kids aging out of the system. The premise of the garden was to plant a row, then commit to nurturing your row once a month with a portion of the produce for yourself and a portion to the people supported by Thrive AZ.

While Thrive AZ subsequently relocated to another area, the North 32nd community has been granted the opportunity to take over the nurturing of the garden as the first North 32nd Community Garden. Last month, members of the community gathered to prep the garden for the planting party, which took place on October 2. Urban Farming Education will be partnering with the community again by supplying the seeds to plant in the garden. More community garden events are in the works for this fall.

Looking Ahead and To Learn More
Looking ahead, save the date for the 5th Annual Cruisin’ North 32nd Lights on December 18. For additional information on these events, follow @north32nd or Instagram @north32ndstreet. Events subject to change.

Allison J. Barnett is an ambassador for North 32nd, a vibrant community in North Phoenix located off the SR-51 just north of Dreamy Draw up to Union Hills along North 32nd with many businesses, organizations, and neighbors working together to create a beautiful place to call home. She is also a licensed real estate broker. Learn more at