By Katie Snyder

OnCall Dental Urgent Care officially opened the doors of its new medical-dental clinic in Glendale this past July, marking the long-awaited arrival of the first urgent care dental center in the Valley.
“The first day went really well and everything went as planned,” said Dr. Brian Harris, co-founder of OnCall Dental Urgent Care. “The new clinic is located on 59th Avenue and Union Hills in the West Valley. The building is the first of three clinics we plan to open by the end of the year.”
The expansion of OnCall – which includes the opening of another clinic in Downtown Tempe and Mesa by the end of October – reflects the need for an urgent dental care provider to serve the greater Phoenix area.
“The cost of that first appointment can be intimidating, and finding a convenient time to schedule an appointment is a major road block for people,” said Dr. Brian Harris, co-founder of OnCall Dental Urgent Care. “As a result of this, we decided to solve all three of those issues and create a place where you could get great care at convenient hours and also have it be affordable.”
OnCall’s goal is to reduce the skyrocketing number of dental emergencies being seen in emergency rooms and urgent care centers each day. They believe this will lead to better oral health, and take some of the burden off of the medical community, allowing them to focus on other patients.
All locations are equipped with exam rooms and the latest technology, allowing doctors to provide the best care to the community and for a greater patient experience. In addition, the following services will be offered: Cleanings and examinations, extractions, root canals, cavity treatments and fillings repairs to broken and chipped teeth, crowns and missing teeth replacement.
OnCall Dental Urgent Care facilities make quality care accessible to everyone by being open 7 days a week from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. Most insurances are accepted. No appointments are needed. For more information about OnCall Dental Urgent Care or to book an appointment, visit or call (844)8ONCALL.