By Just Your Average Joe

My experience with French food is limited, but this month I was pleasantly surprised with the assignment of Voila French Bistro, located at 10135 E. Via Linda in Scottsdale.

I was lucky enough to chat with one of the owners, Ségolène, before eating and enjoyed the tale of how the couple landed here in Scottsdale. Her husband, renowned chef Jean-Christophe, has over 30 years de experience working for several famous French restaurants in France with Michelin ratings between 1 and 3 stars as the Relais Châteaux “Les Bas-Rupts” of Gérardmer. While visiting Arizona on vacation, the couple fell in love with Scottdale – prompting them to move here and purchase Voilà in October of 2015.

Running the quaint restaurant, Jean-Christophe is the chef bringing everything he has learned from working under some of the best chefs in France – while Ségolène is the face in the front of the house, making sure that you enjoy every moment you are with them.

The menu is an amazing mixture of traditional French dishes. Hors d’oeuvres include French Onion Soup, cheese plates, scallops, salads, escargot, and more. The main course offers something a dish for everyone, including seared pan duck foie gras, sole filet, surf and turf, salmon, chicken puff pastry and even a chef special ground duck burger. With all these great options, you’ll want to make sure to save room for dessert – they serve the best souffles, macarons, crème brulee….and the list goes on.

My choice when diving into something new was the Chef’s choice. Leaving it in the hands of the chef can be perilous for those of you with a sensitive pallet, but if you enjoy food and are adventurous, this is by far the most exciting way to enjoy new dishes.

Tonight, Ségolène first brought me an hors d’oeuvre of fromages. For the next dish, I was surprised by a seafood bouillabaisse that was not even on the menu. Now I am not inclined to typically order this dish but that’s the chance you take when leaving it up to your hosts…and I am so glad that I did! This dish was amazing and included big chunks of mussels, fish, and shrimp in a flavorful broth. I am forever changed and while I am unsure if others will be able to live up to Gros’s creation, I will be ordering this again! As for dessert, I don’t know how you can go somewhere that serves a souffle without ordering one. Are they all good? No – but you have to try, because when you get one that is done right, it is heaven. I was thrilled when I was presented with the raspberry-chocolate. Each bite was better than the last.

Voila is easily a must for anyone in town who simply loves food. If you love French food, then you would be a fool not to visit at least once. I guarantee that once you go, you will be back!

Voila French Bistro
10135 E. Via Linda in Scottsdale