Walkers are needed for the Water 4 Kids International (W4KI) “Walk 4 Water – Phoenix Give Change for Change” fundraising event on February 16.

Boris Teoharevic, soccer coach at RSL AZ, has partnered with Water 4 Kids International to inspire young soccer players to make a change in the world by providing a source of clean, safe drinking water to a needful primary school in the remote village of Apuwai, Uganda. The walk is to join efforts with Hope 4 Kids International to empower and bring new life to the children of Apuwai, Uganda! The “Walk” is symbolic of the trek made by young children and women in search of water in Uganda, every day. The people of Apuwai and the school children of Apuwai primary school have suffered many illnesses due to their current contaminated source of water. A deep-water well will provide fresh water that will transform the lives of those in Apuwai. Fresh water will give the promise of a future transformed with dignity, health, joy, and love.

Deepwater wells, at a cost of $10,500 each to drill, can provide access to safe water to nearly 10,000 people. The goal for Give Change for Change is $18,000, which will be enough funds to drill a single well in Apuwai and send one RSL Coach and one Teammate to represent RSL AZ at the dedication of that new well in Uganda next summer.

Register online at www.givechangeforchange.com Event check-in will be at 8 a.m. on Saturday, February 16 at 32 Shea (10626 N. 32nd St in Phoenix). Step-off begins at 9 a.m. Cost of the event is $25 for adults (13+) and $15 for children ages 12 and under (includes t-shirt).