Westside Concepts has done it again. This time the team that brought you Haymaker, The Social on 83rd, as well as NW Coffee, brings you Cantina Gueros.

Cantina Gueros is where modern taqueria meets abuela’s traditions. Their menu brings in tacos, burritos, and enchiladas just as you would expect, but they also have world-class pozole, amazing ceviche, fire roasted poblanos, and traditional chicken mole. For dessert, don’t miss out on the flavorful churros and their traditional capirotada, a Mexican bread pudding topped with butter pecan ice cream and a horchata and cajeta glaze.

Westside Concepts also opened Fire House Event Center, a sorely needed event venue for the West Valley, located in Old Town Peoria. This gives the growing restaurant group seven physical locations as well as handling all of the food and beverages for Cibola Vista Resort.

“With all of our restaurant locations needing to be at 50 percent occupancy, it’s definitely hurt us,” says owner Joey Lucidi says about the pandemic. “But we’re grateful to the community and are doing our best considering all of the challenges. We are overly cautious—all locations are adhering and exceeding all government health and safety regulations.”

“As always, everyone at Westside Concepts appreciates the support of local residents who make sure to patron locally owned businesses,” he adds.

“I always knew this place was special, but the northwest Peoria area has been out of this world during these difficult times,” Lucidi continues. “The encouragement they have shown is second to none.”

Cantina Gueros is located at 25315 N. Lake Pleasant Parkway in Peoria. Call 623-440-3680 or visit cantinagueros.com to learn more.