By Scott Gaertner
Lifestyle Contributor

If you have not been to Why Hello in The Summit shopping center, you need to go. We recently did a video there and fell in love with the store, and its owner Suzanne Hueners. Suzanne is a transplant from Anchorage, Alaska who had been dreaming of creating the store for years. Her mission now is to scour the earth to create an incredibly eclectic collection of fun home personalizations and gifts that will make your day. Why Hello is the perfect place to find the finishing personal touches on your home, shop for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or just browse and hang around. Suzanne is also a professional designer who loves to help folks solve those “problem” areas in their home (ours was the entertainment wall). She can also do your entire home and has lots of great ideas and items to make your home pop and feel like your own.

While Suzanne and her husband actually live in the wilds of the 85377 zip code, she felt the need for a home store in Scottsdale North was important. Why Hello is exactly the kind of business that inspires folks to be fiercely loyal local shoppers. I defy you to leave this store without a smile on your face! Right now through Christmas she will be offering $10 gift card for every $100 spent. What a great way to give a gift and get a gift this season!

Watch our video to get to know Suzanne and her store a bit and hear how we almost get her to cry talking about her favorite item! Go to
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