By Shoulder Pain Expert, Dr. Matthew Hernandez, Ethos Integrative Medicine

Does this sound like you? You’ve consulted every specialist for shoulder pain yet find yourself without solutions. Therapeutic massages have brought back the pain — sometimes aggravating it further. Chiropractic care offered only fleeting relief. Physical therapists provided you with exercises that seemed all too generic. A pain management doctor recommended nerve ablation and advised you to cease all activity, while the orthopedic surgeon dismissed you as a surgical candidate…

When shoulder pain plagues your day, seeking solace in sleep is a natural response. But what if resting in a chair becomes just as painful as lying on your side? It’s time to unravel the mystery of your nocturnal shoulder pain.

Sadly, many people in search of relief from their discomfort are told by healthcare providers to “wait until it gets worse.” What they may not tell you is that you can find relief now.

Shoulder Pain While Sleeping
Take Irene’s case, for example. She had been struggling with shoulder pain for six months and sought a lasting solution, not just temporary cortisone shots, nightly sleeping pills, or ongoing pain medication.

“The worst part was not being able to sleep at night,” she says. Despite three months of physical therapy, her condition barely improved. An orthopedic surgeon diagnosed her with a rotator cuff injury but advised waiting for the condition to deteriorate further before considering surgery.

Getting Relief and Finally Some Sleep
We understood Irene’s frustration and acted promptly. After confirming her rotator cuff tear, we discovered a second injury causing her pain.

We introduced Irene to what we call “The Gap” in conventional medicine and showed her how regenerative medicine could bridge it. After choosing to partner with us, Irene underwent two treatments. Within four weeks, she experienced significant pain reduction and finally enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

How Our Deep Dive Bridges “The Gap”
Irene’s experience is far from unique. The standard one-size-fits-all approach often leaves patients without clear guidance or resolution. You don’t need to wait for your condition to deteriorate!

Our comprehensive Deep Dive includes our pain profile, a 32-point shoulder inspection, precision shoulder scan, and diagnostic mapping technique. These tools helped confirm Irene’s source of pain and guided her personalized treatment strategy.

If you’re wondering, “Why does my shoulder hurt at night?” and are ready for answers, contact us at 480-573-6171 to schedule your Deep Dive for a pain-free shoulder with our specialists at Ethos Integrative Medicine, or scan the QR code below to access our FREE report, “Shoulder SOS: The Expert Guide to Decoding Your Pain,” and begin your journey toward lasting relief.