As warm, dry weather settles into our state, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is urging drivers to use extra care with their vehicles to reduce the chance of igniting a wildfire.

Motorists should take preventative measures to reduce the risk that a spark from a vehicle or trailer doesn’t result in dry vegetation catching fire.

A few tips include:
• Dragging chains while something is being towed can cause sparks; check and fasten the chains before starting your trip.
• Make sure nothing is hanging under your vehicle or dragging on the pavement.
• Check tire pressure before traveling. If a tire is with less air pressure, the tire can cause sparks.
• Do not park where there is tall grass since the heat from the bottom of the vehicle can cause a fire.

In some areas, ADOT overhead message boards will carry wildfire safety reminders with some listing AM radio frequencies that offer more localized wildfire information. For more information on preventing brush fires, visit
The Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention website provides information about active fires.