Yin Rising Acupuncture and Anna Lunaria, Ms. Ac. L.Ac. CMT CYT CHT, have opened their second Valley clinic. Their new location is at 10880 N. 32nd Street. “We love being part of this thriving center with other locally owned small businesses,” Lunaria says. “Being part of our local community is important to us.” Yin Rising’s other Valley clinic is in Tempe where they have over 2,000 patients.

Lunaria is a chronic pain holistic health expert. She began having back pain when she was only 10 years old. For 15 years she sought help from many different doctors, PTs and holistic health providers. During these years some things would bring brief episodes of relief: yoga, massage and acupuncture. She made it her mission to understand why chronic pain occurs and to find natural ways to help herself and her patients experience long lasting results. Teaching anatomy (over 1,500 hours), physiology, pathology, postural analysis and kinesiology as well as teaching over 10,000 hours of yoga and performing over 20,000 massage sessions over her 30-year career has given her a unique three dimensional understanding of the human body, what causes pain and, most importantly, how to naturally resolve pain with long lasting results.

Lunaria decided to deepen her healing skills by become an acupuncturist after using acupuncture many times with great success to resolve everything from back and neck pain, hamstring tendonitis, morning sickness, recuperating from colds, insomnia, writer’s block, headaches, anxiety, and more. Lunaria is an alumna of Hampshire College and Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and is currently enrolled in an acupuncture doctoral program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice from Asia dating back 3,000 years. Adding electric frequency to acupuncture needles dates back to 1825 when a French physiologist applied a gentle electrical current to acupuncture needles. Today there are over 8,000 biomedical research studies investigating why and how acupuncture and electro-acupuncture works.

Acupuncture needles are very thin, smooth, sterile and single use. Most people only feel a tiny little pinch when needles are inserted. The release of natural endorphins and neurotransmitters imparts a sedating, relaxing effect; most people relax and nap or meditate during their treatment and wake up feeling refreshed, calm and mentally focused.

Acupuncture points are found along meridians which modern neuroscience research has discovered map along nerve pathways. Dry needling, also called trigger point acupuncture, is done locally at specific muscle. These points often overlay traditional acupuncture meridian points, but not always.

As an integrative East-West medicine practitioner, Lunaria uses both ancient theory along with modern research to develop evidence-based acupuncture clinical methods.

“At Yin Rising Acupuncture we’re devoted to helping our community in the fight against the pandemic,” Lunaria says. “We urge our patients to come in for electroacupuncture treatment as preventative care because we are not currently working with sick patients to protect the health of our well patients.”

To learn more, call 480-206-6199, visit yinrising.com, or email [email protected].