We’ve all been there. As you pour a cold glass of water from your fridge, you find yourself questioning the last time you changed the filter. Or when you grab a convenient plastic bottle to quench your thirst, you feel a familiar nagging feeling, as you try to justify the plastic waste. The aftertaste of tap water in Phoenix is strong and unpleasant – to say the least. That’s why most residents in the Phoenix Metro area install reverse osmosis systems, rely on a refrigerator filter, or buy bottled water. It’s far from a perfect experience to have to constantly purchase or stress about maintaining your drinking water supply. Your water should be better. It should be high- quality and delivered right to your tap, giving you confidence that the water you drink is good for you, good for your family, and good for the earth.

This is why upgrading your drinking water is standard practice here in the Sonoran Desert. But until now, your choices have been limited to someone else getting water to you: in old pipes and maybe through a filter, or in a bottle proven to leave behind microplastics and overwhelming amounts of waste. To make it worse, Phoenix drinking water has the highest levels of Chromium 6 of any major municipality (20- 400x the amount California scientists recommend we consume). So, upgrading your water isn’t just about taste, it’s about safety. Finding the right purification system, remembering to replace your filters, or relying on bottled water might give you water access now, but will cause problems for you to solve in the future.

As Arizonans ourselves, we know these issues very well- we experience them too. So we set out to make drinking water perfect. Yes, perfect. Because your water shouldn’t be anything other than delicious, convenient, and safe. And you should know exactly where your water’s been and what it’s touched. SOURCE Hydropanels allow you to make water right on your roof or in your yard – using only sunlight and air. Invented and manufactured right here in Arizona by Zero Mass Water, SOURCE is your new option for perfected drinking water. Similar to solar, SOURCE is renewable, and instead of power it creates high-quality water. SOURCE drinking water starts pure (without any of the contaminants found in tap water) and is mineralized for taste and health. Installed at your home, SOURCE delivers water to a tap in your kitchen or refrigerator. With SOURCE, you have drinking water peace of mind.

To get SOURCE Hydropanels for your home, visit www.info.zeromasswater.com/phoenix or call (623) 215- 3682.