Lovecraft, Ale House, Bottle Shop and Smoked Kitchen located just west of Cactus and 32nd Street has been opened since mid-December. Expected to be mostly a counter service beer/wine bar with a limited menu of smoked meat and New Mexican cuisine, things have taken a turn, but it’s all for the good!

“Immediately, we realized that our method of ordering at the counter was only causing frustration with our guests, so we did what was best for the business and changed to full table service”, stated owner Rebecca Golden. “Now you can just sit and relax…unless of course you want to play ping-pong, foosball, or giant Jenga in the back room.”

So, what’s next for Lovecraft?

“We are really surprised how much food we are selling. The smoked meats with New Mexican food are a huge hit, so naturally we’re increasing the menu options to include a Smoked-n-Stuffed Green Chile Lucy Juicy burger, Green Chile Stew and some other authentic New Mexican food options. We’re also changing the plastic silverware into real metal silverware which I know will make many guests happy when their cutting into their enchiladas.

Our goal is to try to please as many “neighbeers” as possible, as we built this place for them. Mid-April we plan on opening for lunch on the weekends so guests can watch their favorite sports all day long with us.

Tuesday’s we’ve added a social run club at 6:30 p.m. with our neighborhood friend and Personal Trainer Michelle Fencl from InsideOut Fitness.

We are also teaming up with JoyBus and 32 Shea on April 13 for a Drag Queen Bingo Fundraiser at Lovecraft. We can’t imagine a better group of businesses to be working with to strength and grow this community,” Golden said.

She is still adamant about the need to support local businesses. “Property values will increase if our neighborhoods are sought after. Now that we are starting to have great businesses here, go support them so more will come! Remember, where you spend your dollars does matter, a $2 coffee at 32 Shea makes a huge difference day-after-day!”

• Lovecraft •
Ale House. Bottle Shop. Smoke Kitchen.
3128 E. Cactus Road, Phoenix
(NWC 32nd St and Cactus)
(602) 237-5046
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