Random acts of kindness naturally go a long way, but in challenging times the impact is much more powerful and everlasting.
Throughout the pandemic, many people have faced struggles and obstacles they might not have ever imagined, making empathy crucial during these times. This initiative brought North 32nd resident Lorraine Gearing to selflessly sacrifice her personal belongings to help someone in need.

Lorraine is a 62-year-old gig economy worker, who has driven with Veyo, a non-emergency medical transportation company, since June 2019. She shares that one of her favorite things about driving with Veyo is learning from her passengers and simply helping them with basic transportation needs that they lack. That’s why she keeps driving, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, on a cold, rainy day, Lorraine picked up a Veyo member who appeared to be struggling with addiction. When the passenger entered the car, Lorraine noticed that the woman didn’t have any shoes on – leaving her feet soaked, raw, and bleeding. Without hesitation, Lorraine took off her shoes and gave them to the woman. The woman was quiet and timid but gladly accepted Lorraine’s generous offer. Although she didn’t get to talk to the passenger much, Lorraine knew in her heart that she made a difference in the passenger’s life.

Lorraine has personal experience with loved ones struggling with addiction. Lorraine’s daughter has been struggling with drug addiction for ten years. Six months ago, Lorraine stopped by her house after completing a trip in the area and found her daughter home unexpectedly. Her daughter was unresponsive and was not breathing. Lorraine immediately realized that she had overdosed. Lorraine called 911 and began administering two Narcans to her daughter. Since Lorraine is certified with CPR, she also performed CPR on her daughter. Her daughter finally started breathing. “It was a devastating experience as a mother. I share this experience with passengers that are struggling or recovering from addiction, to let them know how their actions can impact their loved ones,” she says. “It’s never hopeless and people do care about you.” Lorraine never gave up on her daughter and continues to show her support through her daughter’s recovery journey.

Overall, this experience has further reminded Lorraine that a small act of kindness goes a long way and could even be life-changing to those receiving kindness. Throughout the pandemic, Lorraine has completed thousands of trips and provided reliable transportation for countless members as they seek assistance to get to and from their necessary healthcare appointments.