By Emma Wolff

If you hear the clicking of a 1945 vintage typewriter at a local establishment, don’t be alarmed, it’s just Fadi. Fadi Sitto is an established poet who has called Arizona his home for the last six years. He has a deep passion for writing and feels his purpose is to serve the community through his art. Sitto is most well-known for his brilliant pop-up poetry events and raising funds for the Joy Bus Foundation.

Sitto performs his live pop-up typewriter poetry at weddings, corporate events, fundraising galas, festivals and various private social events. At these events, he sets up his typewriter and guests are encouraged to request poems about themselves, their loved ones or any other topic.

To create a poem, all it takes is the attendee’s name, a subject, or a word and who it is for. This immersive experience leaves people in awe and with a personal, thoughtful and original piece of poetry as an event keepsake.

Rebecca Golden, the owner of Lovecraft, finds the guests of her restaurant are thrilled to experience Sitto’s poetry.

“Fadi is a brilliant poet with a beautiful heart,” says Golden. “He literally creates magic every Wednesday at Lovecraft as he curates the most beautifully original poems that capture the very essence of a person’s soul. He does this from just three words provided on a piece of paper. You literally can see the patron’s faces light up and tears flow as they absorb every word of his poetry. Everyone who witnesses Fadi’s art feels like they are part of something amazing; a serendipitous event.”

Not only does Sitto bring joy to locals through his poetry, but he also gives back to the community with his collaborative project. For the past two years, the proceeds from every custom poem Sitto creates are donated to the local nonprofit organization Joy Bus Foundation. This foundation helps homebound cancer patients.

Sitto has been doing pop-up poetry full-time since 2019. He believes that bringing poetry to people was the reason he was born.

“For me, definitely receiving the gratitude for touching a complete stranger with my words and seeing the emotion they have upon reading the words meant specifically for them is the best part of my job,” he says. “Seeing their reaction is a confirmation of why I do what I do.”

Pop-up poetry gives people the opportunity to find human connection, especially during a time when it is lacking. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sitto continues to host events and share his art. Safety precautions are in place at all of the events including social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment. Sitto can also send customized poems through the mail for those who do not feel safe at live events.

For custom poem requests, visit Sitto’s website and Instagram or look for Sitto and his vintage typewriter at the Scottsdale Quarter, Lovecraft and many other nearby locations. To find more information about Sitto and his poetry, follow his Instagram page, @fadipoetryevents, email him at, or visit his website at