Understanding the importance of sticking to a regular workout routine (increases energy, improves mood, boosts immunity) is crucial—but do you know the importance of having a consistent skincare routine?

Finding the right products for specific goals can be hard—but Skoah’s skincare trainers are here to help! Skoah products are plant-based and high-performing; their unique blend of soothing botanical extracts has been selected and blended to fight free radicals and calm the skin. They also utilize powerful active ingredients like peptides, enzymes, and acids to stimulate, exfoliate, and help reverse signs of aging.

A daily skincare routine will help achieve goals, whether maintaining a healthy glow or making specific changes. A simple at-home routine is all that is needed for general skin maintenance; adding high-performing products like serums, concentrates, and treatment masks will help target more specific results.

Simple Routine:
Cleanser: Removes makeup, dirt, and oil to help balance hydration levels and oil production.
Toner: Balances pH after cleansing and prepares the skin to absorb products more efficiently.
Exfoliant: Removes the outer layers of dead skin; improves texture and product absorption (3 times per week maximum).
Moisturizer: A key component for all skin types to lock in moisture and protect from environmental factors.
SPF: Protects skin from UVA rays (causes premature aging) and UVB rays (causes skin to burn); reduces the chance of skin cancer and sun spots.

Advanced Routine:
Serum: Contains small molecules of concentrated active ingredients, designed to work in deep layers of the skin.
Concentrate: Single active ingredient helps target specific skin conditions.
Mask: Weekly treatment for conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, and dehydration.

Similar to a personal trainer at the gym, Skoah’s skincare trainers are here to listen, educate, and provide a monthly skincare workout and skincare routine. Their skincare workouts provide an expert skin analysis, professional-grade exfoliation, safe extractions, and customized treatment masks to help meet specific goals. They also offer various facial enhancements like dermaplaning, LED light therapy, and glycolic peels to elevate the monthly workout.
Currently, Skoah is offering monthly memberships at a discounted rate of $65 per month for their Core Power Facial ($115 value), along with 50% off all facial services. Members receive discounts on facials and products, special gifts, three free upgrades per year, and exclusive member appreciation events. Every year on their anniversary, members also receive a free facial certificate to gift to a friend, so both can get their glow on at Skoah!

Skoah looks forward to helping with ultimate skincare goals!