Photo courtesy of Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation

The safety and training of Arizona’s motorcyclists just got a significant lift. The Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) recently celebrated the acquisition of a $100,000 grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS). This grant accentuates AZGOHS’s commitment to AMSAF’s objective: to elevate motorcycle awareness and consequently reduce rider fatalities and injuries.

According to Mick Degn, AMSAF’s executive director, the emphasis is on continuity. “Our enthusiasm about awarding scholarships for educating both new and ongoing riders remains steadfast,” he notes. Degn also takes a moment to acknowledge AZGOHS director Jesse Torrez, expressing gratitude for his unwavering support in this shared vision of motorbike safety in the state.

To paint a broader picture, this scholarship initiative isn’t AMSAF’s maiden voyage. They’ve been at this for a while, having provided an impressive tally of over 5,000 scholarships in Arizona geared toward rider education. But they’re not resting on their laurels. The grant will facilitate:
• The cultivation of distinctive partnerships with local businesses, eyeing the reduction of crashes and fatalities.
• Investigations pinpointing perilous intersections and road patches notorious for motorcycle mishaps.
• Encouragement for more Arizonians to undergo rider training through attractive discount enticements.
• Engaging influential industry collaborators to amplify AMSAF’s mission through diverse events and outreach.
It’s about making rider education accessible. An elementary rider course in Arizona can burden an individual with up to a staggering $350. But with the AMSAF scholarship, only a modest $100 non-refundable co-pay is required. A boon to every Arizonian motorbike enthusiast, details on availing of this scholarship are available at

Further, successfully clearing a rider’s skill course or mastering the in-person skills assessment is a pre-requisite for the motorcycle endorsement (M) on the Arizona state driver’s license. The cherry on top? Most major insurers roll out enticing policy discounts for those who’ve accomplished this safety and training course.

Whether you’re a newbie on two wheels or a seasoned rider wanting to sharpen those riding reflexes, the Basic Rider Course (BRC) endorsed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is your go-to.

AMSAF stands tall as Arizona’s beacon for rider and driver safety. With the state witnessing an escalating number of motorcycle-involved crashes, approaching 3,000 annually, AMSAF’s dual approach – bolstering motorcycle awareness among drivers and top-notch safety training for riders – is more crucial than ever.

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