Photo courtesy of Arizona State University

From April 19 to 21, Arizona State University’s Desert Financial Arena will be the heart of Native American culture, hosting ASU Pow Wow. This profound cultural and spiritual event is an expression of Native American heritage, a bridge connecting the past and the future, a family reunion spread across nations, and a vivid exhibition of traditions alive and thriving.

Pow Wows, often misunderstood by outsiders as mere entertainment due to their public nature and the visual spectacle of singing, dancing, and colorful regalia, hold a much deeper significance. They are a spiritual legacy, a commemoration of Native American culture that demands respect and honor. ASU Pow Wow, set against the backdrop of the ASU Tempe Campus, serves as a powerful testament to these living traditions, drawing families and individuals from across the United States and Canada.

For many, the journey to Tempe is not just a physical one, but a pilgrimage of the heart and spirit, spanning hundreds of miles. Time and distance fade in the face of the profound renewal of traditions and the reinforcement of heritage that the Pow Wow represents. It is an occasion to strengthen the circle, to share in laughter and tears, to learn, to care, and most importantly, to honor ancestors and celebrate the future.

ASU Pow Wow is notable for featuring American Indian dancers and singing groups from numerous North American nations, creating a tapestry of cultural expression through singing and dancing. This social gathering not only reinforces the common bond and spirituality among individuals but also serves as a conduit for cultural diffusion, bridging gaps and fostering understanding of tradition and respect among diverse attendees.

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