Photo courtesy of city of Tempe

As the twilight dims on the evening of April 26, the open spring air of Tempe Diablo Stadium will resonate with the melodies of “Music Under the Stars,” a unique concert that celebrates the musical talents of high school students alongside professional musicians.
This free event is an invitation for the community to gather under the night sky and enjoy an evening of exceptional performances.

The program, set to start at 7:30 p.m., features a lineup that includes bands from all six schools within the Tempe Union High School District. Adding to the night’s splendor, members of the Arizona Wind Symphony will perform, providing attendees an assortment of musical genres and styles. The event represents a significant partnership between Community Arts, the Tempe Union High School District, the Arizona Wind Symphony, and The Academy, underscoring the community’s commitment to supporting and showcasing its young musicians.

The inclusion of professional musicians from the Arizona Wind Symphony enriches the experience, creating a bridge between aspiring musicians and established artists. This collaborative atmosphere not only inspires the performers but also the audience, creating a shared experience that strengthens community bonds.

The free event is held at Tempe Diablo Stadium, located at 2200 W. Alameda Dr. For more information, visit