Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a bean-credible journey from seed to plant, all within the cozy confines of a simple jar! Yes, you heard it right, you can grow your very own bean plant without a garden – let’s see how it’s done!
What’s the Scoop on Sprouts?
Sprouting a bean is like magic – it’s called germination! For a seed to wake up and grow, it needs just a few things: water, air, and the right temperature. That’s it! Every seed has a tiny plant waiting inside, and you can help it out! Here’s how:
What You Need
• A bean seed
• A clear jar
• Paper towels or cotton balls
• Water
1. Wet your paper towel or napkin until it’s damp, not dripping, and fit it snugly into your jar.
2. Swish a little water around the inside of the jar.
3. Place your bean seed in the jar so it’s resting against the paper towel or cotton balls. It needs a little hug, not a squeeze!
4. Every couple of days, give your bean a mist of water.
In a few days, your bean seed should start to sprout, a process called germination. Your bean doesn’t even need sunlight to start growing – that part comes later when it’s ready to leave the jar and get planted in the soil.
Curious about how light affects your bean plant’s growth? Place one jar on a sunny windowsill and another in a dark cupboard. Make sure both beans get the same amount of water and warmth. After a week, take a peek – the bean in the sun will probably be wearing a little green hat of leaves, while the one in the dark might have a pale and spindly look. The sunlight helps the plant make its food, which gives it that lovely green color. But even without light, the bean still grows with the energy stored in its seed. How cool is that?
Once it starts growing leaves, that’s when it craves sunshine to turn into a big, strong plant. So, when your little bean looks like it’s ready for more room, it’s time to move it into a pot with soil.