HI, MY NAME IS… Craig Klauka.

I’VE LIVED IN THE AREA FOR 15 YEARS AND I LOVE IT BECAUSE… it’s where I found my wife, started my family, and have enjoyed serving the community.

A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES… getting our four kids ready for school, going to all of their activities, meeting individuals for coffee or lunch talking about life, and working at starting up our church in Vistancia.

MY FAMILY IS… my wife Brittany of 13 years and our four kids: Camden, 9; Barrett, 6; and boy girl twins, Addilyn and Beckham, 4 years old. They attend Northwest Christian School.
WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, I WANTED TO BE… some kind of athlete. I love the Phoenix Suns and DBacks, so why not play for them? The eality hit that I was not that great of an athlete, so as I continued my education. It led me to 14 years of youth ministry here in the Valley, and now my wife and I are planting a non-denominational bible church in Vistancia. We couldn’t be more excited.

THE ONE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS… my wife. She is my constant helper, encourager, and pushes me to be a better version of myself.

MY FAVORITE LOCAL NONPROFIT IS… Samaritan’s Purse. As a family, we love their Operation Christmas Child event that we do each year.
MY LIFE IS… wonderfully hectic. I love being a husband, father, and pastor. It is organized chaos most of the time, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

THE BEST GIFT I’VE EVER RECEIVED WAS… it might sound cheesy, but my four kids. I love each of them dearly and my wife is a superhero for delivering them.

MY DREAM VACATION WOULD BE… any summer trip to the beach.

THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS… “Let go and let God.” As much as I like to think that I am in control of my life and circumstances, it was a relief when I simply let go of those worries and allowed God to take control.