Welcome to the hot Arizona summer! While nine months of the year in Arizona are fabulous, the summer months get a bit much for those of us who get stuck in town. There are some benefits though – less traffic – because everyone else is out of here or hiding in the house in the air conditioning.

Well, we at MVP Medical Care are still working away and we wanted to let you know that summer is a great time to get in to get your health issues addressed, especially because travel is easier and summer’s a bit slower for businesses in town. From autism to depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, PTSD, weight gain, belly fat, chronic head injury symptoms, we’ve got answers to help resolve your symptoms, which many times your primary care physician does not. And we DON’T like prescription medicine either.

At MVP Medical Care we focus on treating complex problems naturally. Dr Sosnowski is a family physician, board certified in integrative medicine and certified in functional medicine. If you’re tired of being handed another prescription medication for whatever you’re coming to your doctor with, then it’s time to check us out! Functional medicine is all about getting to the underlying cause of disease using the research that’s done in the lab.

Rather than waiting 20 years for the pharmaceutical companies to come up with a prescription for that disease, we’re using vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to get the body balanced naturally and get you back to feeling 100% without the need for prescription drugs. That’s the way it was supposed to be, and used to be, before the development of all the pharmaceuticals.

Nowadays, physicians are only taught to think: “what diagnosis is it and what drug to I give?” Unfortunately, drugs, very often, don’t fix the real underlying issue. For instance, medication for high blood pressure, once you get started on it, you’re on it for life – “just keep taking it,” says your doc. Well, if it really worked to resolve blood pressure, then you’d not need to keep taking it over time, let alone add a second and third medication over the years.

Diabetes medications are the same – they just cover up the numbers and the problems are still festering underneath. To get true health, we need to address our lifestyle – the food we eat, the exercise we do or don’t do, the sleep we get or don’t get, the way we deal with stress, the toxins we get into! Using lifestyle factors to address chronic health issues, along with supplements, is what Dr. Jennifer Sosnowski is a master of.

Ready to feel better? Please, call us NOW at 480-588-7787. Hunter at the front desk will be happy to take your call and get you scheduled for a free 15-minute discussion with Dr. Sosnowski to talk about the issues you’re dealing with and how we might help you feel better.