By Jenna-Lee Neff
Photos Courtesy of Local Block Watch Groups

North 32nd residents might notice a new sight on the way home. Thanks to a grant from the City of Phoenix, four local neighborhoods have added sign toppers to their street signs, identifying the locations of their block watch groups.

The sign toppers have been placed by Heritage Heights, Mountain Preserve, Mountain Estates, and Paradise Gardens Block Watch groups.
“The signs provide a uniform and attractive feel when you enter the neighborhood, and that enhances the pride in the neighborhood,” says Christine Lyons, block watch leader for Heritage Heights. “And when you have pride and a unified community, I think it’s a safer and stronger community.”

The signs, each including the name of the block watch group and a design determined by the particular neighborhood, have been installed over the past year and were funded using the Neighborhood Block Watch Grant Program offered by the City of Phoenix.

“The block watch signs remind people that you’re working as a community to help your neighbors, to keep your eyes out for each other,” Lyons says. “And looking out for each other becomes part of your daily routine.”

Over the past several months, the signs have received a warm welcome from North 32nd communities and a positive response on social media. “We’ve received a lot of comments on how nice they look and thanking us for doing it,” Lyons says, adding that it was the city that encouraged the block watch groups to apply for the grant that paid for the sign toppers.

“I think the block watch group provides an opportunity for us to enhance safety and quality of life within our neighborhood,” Lyons shares. “And the City of Phoenix offers funding to neighborhood groups to provide resources and create new and innovative programs and activities designed to prevent and reduce crime in the neighborhood.”















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